Become a Weekend Warrior with Some DIY Home Projects

Even though many homeowners have a list of projects they’d love to undertake during the ideal summer weather, the work can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, people are spending their extra cash on a family vacation instead of pouring all that money into home improvements. Perhaps the best option is to focus on smaller, less expensive projects that can be tackled over a weekend. The National Association of REALTORS® consumer-facing site HouseLogic has outlined a few easy DIY projects homeowners can start and finish over one summer weekend that won’t break their budgets or deter those vacation plans. Suggestions include installing a garden arbor entry, adding a window awning, and screening that air conditioner from view—all perfect projects to create a beautiful summer oasis for the summer weeks homeowners won’t be traveling.

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Check out HouseLogic’s suggestions for inexpensive DIY projects to tackle during a summer weekend. Discuss these and other home improvement projects that can be done without spending a fortune with a REALTOR® and/or homeowners currently undertaking a DIY project on their home.